Abundance is a force from within.  All one must do to partake is to first understand how and where to connect to such forces.

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MacJedi:  Stands for Royalty within the energy of light.  The individual behind the name has a strong belief in lifting up the down trodden, bringing healing to those burdened with spiritual, emotional and physical dis-ease.

MacJedi believes all life once originated as ever existing entities of light called Intelligences.  These Intelligences ever eternal, were still isolated by the nature of what they were until a greater Intelligence which had unlocked the key to thought abiding in light and light abiding as energy which energy exceeded the speed of light became matter through the control of light which was administered by thought and given the command to slow until energy became 3 dimensional matter.  Einstein has already covered this miracle.  We as entities of the greatest treasure in the Universe have within us the ability to control matter with energy once we master the ability to command light with thought.

Faith is the first step…  It is the essence of believing in this greater power which has already mastered the elements of this Universe.  This great entity sometimes called God is perfect in the ways of the Universe elements or in other words the Force or Light Energy.  We have been invited to experience this spiritual and 3 dimensional existence assembled by this great entity and it has all been done with respect to our free agency and administered in Love…  A Love greater than has been experienced by any who so journ on Earth today.

By Following the principles of this greater entity’s teachings, if you go deeper than you thought possible, you will find that each of you are completely equipped to affect light energy from your own thoughts and once you master thought control over light it is a simple next step to a request of that light energy to surround the slower moving physical matter and cause an effect to occur.

You all are limitless in power and just don’t realize what you have before you.  Light however can only be controlled through righteous thought surrounded in love.

This Universe posses two great powers…  One is purposed to Unify and the other to destroy or in other words Light VS Darkness.  Darkness will always be offended by light and cannot abide it’s power.

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