Just a few conversations that seemed to spark my interest.  It is enjoyable to connect with like minded individuals:

Hey MacJedi – it’s good to see you. IWFG1818…

I would like to reply to your message and do it in such a way as to awaken you inner intelligence and maybe touch a memory from before this life…  We all have these memories but most have them obscured by this physical form which tends to want to travel the path of least resistance and find it’s truths in past memories stored in mortal element.  Often we don’t or don’t even know how to access the spiritual memories as they are extremely elusive unless you channel into one of the energy veins and the emotions come flooding like a broken dam of memory.  I am not much of a texter so I am not sure what IWFG1818 means.

We are literally light beings, made of the stuff of the stars. All of us. The questions for me have always been these:

Made of the same thing as stars.  Actually there is only one true element in existence and that is light or energy.  As we slow the frequency of energy we pass by the periodic table of mass or matter and find that every third dimensional subject is defined there and yet the root of all of them is light.

1. How conscious and deliberate can we be here now in our human form?

I have had many intervention moments with who I would call the creator or one of his separate but one co spiritual beings.  I won’t go into religious detail right now but supreme entities are recognized and named in holy writings.  Suffice it to say, I fell blessed to have received enlightenment from the higher power and it usually isn’t something I talk about let alone writ on a public forum but I will risk a small share of what I have received from asking directly many questions and receiving answers.  I am not here to bring attention to myself as I am quite  far from perfect enlightenment and worthy living but I know the love that the creator has for each of us and his desire for us not to accept shame for our inadequacies.  So i share only because It is what I am ask to do and I feel a need to bring what little change I can to humanity through simple and small things.  

Your Question #1.  1. How conscious and deliberate can we be here now in our human form? , I can share if you understand I am gently offering and not trying to change you or your thinking in any way.

Conscious and Deliberate in Human Form:  This life we are living is only a small sliver of what we might call a timeline of infinite progression.  We are right now if you will on the Tesseract of folding time where we exist as all we can be at once yet still within the confines of a progressive linear propagation designed to slowly and gently mold and improve who and what we are.  A school you might say… strategically and carefully intentionally designed to bring us to the highest possible level of existence we are capable of achieving.  This school has taken our native form which if you could view it with your naked eye would look like a small shining brilliant tiny star…  This tiny star self existing having never been created nor cannot be destroyed is eternal in nature…  It is the essence of all life.  Even the root of God, there you will find that even he and his center has the self same tiny star however naturally more brilliant than any of our own.  The resting form of existence was simple…  Space which was never created but is simply the warehouse of all things with an eternal footprint (No End)…  Intelligences or in other words those beautiful thinking shining little tiny stars that are you and me and everything from microscopic life to the giant whales of Earth, each with it’s own frequency and brilliance which predicts the state in which it will finally attain to.  God being the most brilliant of all.  There is one simple goal of the great creator…  UNIFY.  This has so many meanings and applications and I cannot go into each here but I will simplify by saying, all life is to attain it’s highest potential and at the same time attain the highest potential of community synchronization in love and power…  All emanating energy from each living creature passing through all other forms of life until one thought is possible and yet individuality is not lost.Visit our partners,shoes – leaders in fashionable footwear!

This process of unification cannot be done with the least amount of force or the Universe cannot gain self power.  All life within this universe has only two choices… Unify or Destroy.  Creation is completely unbalanced in love and forward progression and Destruction is completely unbalanced in in hatred and regression.  With these two imbalances we have a perfect balanced Universe.  We as creatures now of the greatest creator through his invitation from simple light to compounded frequencies of mass are gently given the gift of reaching unified and perfected light frequency but this is something that cannot be forced or hurried.  You might say or compare our position with preschool.  We are being guided to partake of insults, pain, joy, laughter, sorrow, kindness, evil, righteousness, and every other form of expression you can think of available to you here on Earth.

You cannot build a self sustaining and aware power in this plan without allowing each free entity the clear and open chance to gather all of life’s lessons.  It must be done through patience, long suffering and complete love, otherwise the long tern strength of the Universe would implode on itself.  This super brief time in the eternity of your existence has been set aside  to introduce entities of light to the third dimension and all it has to offer through pleasure and pain either physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.  If we are as narrow minded seagulls, then we see life not much further than our own wingtips.  We are however so much more capable.  Today is only a very small step in the improvement of what will be our perfected being.  We may seek elevated ascended power while we are here because we thing we might understand the destination and can imagine ourselves there…  but…  In truth our requirement with only a few years of given class time, say 70 to 100 years, is to attain the inner silence which embodies complete love without ever the slightest variation of judgment, or any negative energy directed toward any other life form.  Jesus was the example… endure all that the dark side has to throw at you and do so with forgiveness in it complete form.  Unconditional love for what you know is a lower form of living.  Until this is completely mastered, we will not be granted passage into the next step of elevation, though we are capable of it.

2. Can we embody and contain the pure Light of our immortal essence in this dimension, in physicality?

Though we desire this as strongly as we can, it is a similar thought for a child to desire to be a grown up.  What amazing damage it would cause to that child to bypass every lesson of life just to arrive at what we already know is a challenge.  This physical life places intrinsically on us a form of prison which is actually no prison at all but a slow, gentle love filled journey of purification.  It is wiser to seek perfection in that which seems so elementary to attain but in reality so difficult to maintain.  We must become as Christ in every action and sustain that indefinitely before receiving the power to manipulate the physical world through light amplification and thought frequency shifts.  However the longer we abide this life and continue to improve our inner spirit with light, the memory of light within our spiritual and physical body becomes a bank with never ending deposits of energy that will follow our core entity into other passages of eternity. 

3. Can we express ourselves, within our unique personas, as the pure expression of the Light, the Source, the Force, The Creator energy and fully manifest all that we are designed to – instantaneously as a thought, a sound, fully realized, fully integrated, and made manifest, in the blink of an eye?

Yes… Indeed this is the goal…  yet such power is not to be pronounced upon the child full of confusion or the adult so sure that he overlooks weak links in protecting all life in exchange for personal gain.  This power must come gently, carefully and under tutelage of one who has mastered every possible side and angle of misuse or righteous enfolding.  Don’t get me wron…  never underestimate yourself or the ability to attain to high things but understand your short timeframe is inadequate to perfect things which require more time that this small mortal pitstop can offer.  To seek full unity with Universe powers during your training of mortal challenges may mean the invitation of borrowed power from sources willing to offer a short cut that has little substance in centered eternal principles of unity.

We are all on the path, the trajectory, heading in the same direction, in varying degrees.

Indeed and so it is with all of Earth’s lifeforms.  The joy is the journey and not the destination.

We are literally born into this realm to explore and expand this innate potential. To make manifest the glory of God. If we so desire. We can actively use energy in a variety of condensed forms (sound, movement, smell, color, mediation, mantra, mudra, prayer, visualization, breathwork, even food, sunlight, etc) to purify, enhance and facilitate the clarification and rememberance of our vibratory field. Or we can sit in silence and allow and receive and become and be – without resistance – what’s always in all ways already there. What we already are, without fear or doubt or distraction or judgment or any need to define it on any human terms.

Can we be so pure in essence and still maintain physicality along that razor’s edge as Jesus and others have done and do? Yes, of course we can.

And I intend to explore and discover and glide that fine, white crystalline line, that razor’s edge, and use it in its highest capacity and for the highest good of All. See you soon…

Bodhisattva, I.


All my love to you in the purest of light that I understand at this moment.  Thanks for sharing you wisdom…..  MacJedi


So this conversation continued with a reply that I am unable to top as it seemed to be filled with nuggets of wisdom so well placed that I found myself near speechless or in other words in total agreement.  So here is the reply:


IWFG1818 is my cloaked self elsewhere. In English it means I Work For God. The numbers can be interpreted in various ways.

I so appreciate your eloquent and love-felt responses to my rhetorical questions. It’s improbable, if not impossible, to use a human construct like the English language to fully convey Truth in its absolute. Yet it’s human nature to make a concerted effort to not only understand and discern Truth through our individual unique selves, in an arena which seems to imply that we are separate entities no less. Particularly when we are all connected, albeit as uniquely expressed sub-particles of the same eternal Light, but still intentionally cloaked in our contrived, personalized, intentionally chosen and preferred images of self that portray specific meaning in and of themselves! Ironic, huh? But entertaining nonetheless. High Planes Drifter, MacJedi, hebiam, Camdoc, etc. Then we add avatars that further imply a stance or a belief or a perspective, perhaps hoping to simultaneously discover part of ourselves in others whom we may assume to be cloaked in a similar fashion, and perhaps hoping to understand and be understood.  But even at that I still oddly add the disclaimer that I realize I can only speak for myself so any shared information or even comments and dialogue have a tendency to be filtered and framed as if it’s true but it’s not! Whew!

So here we are here in 3D space /time (a human construct), interacting in various ways, perhaps motivated to learn and grow through that interaction, knowingly limited by yet still using language in our efforts to communicate. For example – We can use the word “force” in the context of “may the force be with you” as a “good” thing, then use the same word, “force” in the same discussion to imply something else that can be interpreted as a “bad” or inappropriate thing. One use as a noun, the other as a verb! We humans use the words that we’ve created to add the value or imply a stance when there is no universal definition in the human crafted word itself! Yet we might strive to be impeccable with our word. What fun, huh?

Anyway, I’ll proceed a little further and inject my perspective using the English words that are my designated symbols to convey  my thoughts (which also occur in English…and which in and of itself implies a multitude of suppositions about the notion of  “thought” … Sounds of and in Silence may be the only true language…) but I digress.

In any case, I dare say or write that, through this filtered lens, there are as many paths or stairways to Heaven, Godhead, Source, Light, Unity, Alignment as there are souls seeking their way into the remembrance of that full Union and alignment with the absolute energy from whence we emerge in various densities and forms – again a source which cannot be named according to the Tao. Because any effort to name or describe IT is automatically reduced by human language (aside from the few sacred languages perhaps) which is a human invention and the Absolute is not that.) Oh, what a conundrum indeed!

I suppose then we are left with other options for exploring and knowing that Absolute State of purity. But we still enjoy interacting and sharing and connecting and bantering with other like-minded beings. Sometimes seeking information or knowledge or wisdom from others, and sometimes to share earthly goals to make a positive impact on those around us, to do good works and elevate ourselves by lifting others around us, in a “we are all connected, so what we do for others we do for ourselves” kind of way. To simply alleviate the extreme suffering that exists in this world right now is a lofty and sacred purpose. Become our brothers’ keeper. That alone does have the capacity to transform and deliver us into a higher state of light and love and to deliver us ever closer to the absolute state, gates of heaven, as we continue to explore the endless outer edges of our infinity power to create or manifest or materialize or imagine or dream ourselves into what we long for or desire to be. To maximize our fullest potential as rendered unto us – by the Power vested in me (us) so to speak.

From my own particular angle, when others are suffering, I suffer as well. So to alleviate the suffering of others is to some extent selfish on my part, as a way to alleviate my own sense of suffering and then to replace it, to know, to feel, to grok that the work is holy. And that is both an avenue and a point of arrival. Bodhisattva or karma yoga – understood as a yoga or spiritual practice of selfless or altruistic service…  a supreme path to God.

In any case, I drift between worlds with this early morning musing in a semi-dream state as I greet the dawn which does sometimes cause nonsensical rambling, I admit! So I’ll end with the wise words of Einstein in his effort to convey his wisdom, which do inspire me:

“What we can imagine, we can create. Imagination is a prelude to the future.”

“The only real valuable thing is intuition.”

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.”

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

I for one believe in and imagine commonplace miracles.

Ain’t life grand? Perhaps I’ll see you along the trajectory.

Godspeed. May we all be blessed.  to you MJ



Jedi Wisdom

[button link=”″] E = mc 2[/button]A Thought Experiment in Light Energy and the Physical Creation.

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E = mc 2

This is not just a conversation about science or physics…  No…  It is much much more…  Possibly a glimpse into the secret of life…  How it all may have started and what the end goal is.

So here we go..  E = mc 2

It’s talked about in the Science arena and discussed lightly in the common world but it is a beautiful equation that if looked at spiritually, holds pretty much the secret to all existence as we know it.

Let me attempt to explain the basics of this equation without going into confusing mathematical terms.  A science minded individual could dwell on this subject until almost everyone would drop from the conversation in confusion so my goal is not to let that happen here.

First: Let’s do an exercise of basic understanding of this equation and let’s try to keep it understandable, fun and interesting throughout.

In this equation we have two sides of the equal sign.  One side stands for Energy while the other stands for Mass and to keep it simple, traveling at the speed of light.  This equation is trying to tell you that fast speeding mass is that same as energy at rest so to speak, yet energy by it’s very nature is not so much at rest.

titanium-marbleLet’s play with a visual imagination here…  I have a Titanium periodic element 22 Ti Marble in my hand…  it is pretty as far as titanium is concerned.  it is perfectly round and is polished and shiny.  It is lighter than some other metals I could hold in my hand but it is also very strong…  It is above all very solid and does not bend or change shape…  but it sits there in my hand getting warm by absorbing my own body heat.  I can roll it on the ground, toss it in the air and catch it or just simply let it sit there.

water-marbleIt is a solid object and it has an area of space that it occupies, so I can easily say it has mass or physical substance.  If I drop it in a glass of water that is already filled to the very top, it will displace some of that water and make the glass of water overflow and drip down the sides.

Basically it is a friend in this physical world to be played with and enjoyed, in fact just about everything in this physical world is to be enjoyed and explored.  This life is the time for discovery but that is another story we will get into later.  Right now I will do my best to stay on track with the subject at hand.

So are we all clear on this experiment of imagination?  We have held this little Titanium Marble in our hand, felt it’s cold surface turn warm as it absorbs our heat, rolled it across the floor and dropped it into a glass of water…  Pretty fun huh?  well as simple things go anyway.  Now let us do something a little more scientific with this Titanium Marble.


Let us now place this marble into a speed of light cannon and fire it out into the Universe of space where only a vacuum exists.  We are going to make sure Speed-Of-Light-Cannonthat it does not collide with anything and we are going to guarantee that it will travel at or above the speed of light if of course that is possible.  What is most important about this event we are about to perform is that we completely make sure that the Titanium Marble reaches a velocity of the speed of light.

Something Magical or at least to our eyes happens when our Titanium Marble reaches the speed of light.

It actually becomes light or in other words ENERGY.

Mass-to-Energy    Traveling now across the vast expanse of the Universe our Titanium Marble has now become a glowing ball of energy.  As long as our Titanium Marble maintains the speed of light it will for all purposes and scientific theories remain in the state of energy.  Once our Titanium Marble slows to a speed below the speed of light, it will once again have within it a vibration or frequency that brings it’s energy within a more stable form…  Mass or solid matter as we know it.

This concept can be compared to water and how it reacts to speed.  You see when water is heated, it begins to boil or in other words, it’s molecules speed up.  The faster the water molecules speed up, the more likely they are to transform into steam.  You see the faster any material, matter or mass goes or in other words the fast the frequency of mass, the closer to energy it becomes.

Just the opposite applies to energy when it slows down…  When energy slows to below the speed of light, it becomes mass or matter as we recognize it.  It again can be compared to water…  If you were to take enough steam and slow it down, it would become a solid or in other words …


Water isn’t the only thing that can change form…  Everything you can see, touch and hear can be changed from one state to another.  Here is the interesting part of that magic…  With all of the changes that can be imagined, there is never any one thing ever lost in such transformations.  Even a fire never destroys anything to the point that it ceases to exist.  This Universe holds everything that is needed and within it there is never anything that becomes nothing.  There are truly only two choices…  Energy or Mass.

Now let’s go beyond the Titanium Marble Imagination Experiment.

Have you ever asked yourself a few probing questions?  Questions such as “Where did it all begin?”  “What am I doing here on this planet?”  “Where does this journey of life finally ascend to?”  “What would it be like if life just keeps going on without an end?”  “What would be the purpose of living after you have seen and done everything?”

Well…  Let’s go on another journey of thought exercises for a bit.

Have you ever considered the thought process of the human brain?  Did you know that the way we track thought today is through modern equipment which detects electrical impulses during thought processes.  Electrical…  electron movement…  electricity…  energy traveling at the speed of light.  anything traveling at the speed of light becomes energy and also has an amazing property…  Light.

True energy which is indeed existing at the speed of light is … Light.  Thought is light…  Light is energy…  Energy is mass…  Mass is the matter which we call the physical world…  Do you see where this is going?  There is never even one minute element lost as matter is transformed into light.  Nothing ever disappears and at the same time…  nothing ever comes into existence from zero.  All creation as you know it was never magically called into being from nothing.  This universe has always held the raw substance from which the organized elements now exist.

The deeper question should be…  “If there is a physical Universe?  How did it come to be?”

BrainHave you ever wondered in the thought of having never existed? or Ceasing to exist?  If you have never done such a mental acrobatic exercise…  perhaps you should try all the possibilities of none existence and see if your brain can even comprehend not ever being?  It will be difficult to say the least if you are able to do it on a deeper intellectual level.  In fact if your mind can or is highly trained in analytical thought processes, you will find that it is next to impossible to maintain a mental exercise in none existence.  The fact is that it cannot be successfully done with a mind that is in a state of existence…  You can analyze and analyze to get behind your own existing thought processes and all you will come up with is another thought to try and break the puzzle of none existing.  You will become stuck in an unresolved loop of thought, unless you just give up and try thinking of something else and of course that is to admit failure in the exercise of none existing.  Sadly enough there are those who attempt suicide in the search to become nothing only to find they have merely transformed and brought along with them the continued thought processes of existing except now joined with the horrible thought of what they have just done.

ClockThere are simply just some things the human brain has difficulty with during analyzation processes.  One of them is attempting to imagine traveling as fast and long as possible until one finally reaches the end of the Universe.  Because our physical minds are housed within a skull or in other words a box and our physical experiences have trained us to believe that everything has limitations, there is a weakness in understanding that there may be an evident truth of something going on forever or time having no end.

Space is eternal in it’s distance and in every direction.  Though science has worked to determine the moment this Universe sprang into existence they haven’t explained the Big Bang Theory and what caused it.  This Universe indeed had a beginning but that is only the tangible dimension we are observing.  Dimensional levels are not what this particular conversation is about at the moment and we can cover that later.  We are looking at the possibility of how it all began.  Matter when transformed into energy renders massive amounts of energy.  The same applies in the reverse when energy is converted into matter, it takes massive amounts of energy to transform into matter.  This Universe is filled with near endless matter…  Imagine the energy required to fill this Universe with matter through a transformation process of lowering the speed of energy below the speed of light to bring forth the tangible.

The-BeginningDon’t bother trying to get your head around the amount of energy it took to start this three dimensional existence moving forward but if you do by chance believe in a supreme creator, you will find that your comprehension falls extremely short of just what it took to begin a process as large as this Universe.  As you contemplate the beginning of existence however, consider simple steps…  As this Universe contains everything that makes up existence, consider that every living entity existed as self realized thinking energy before any recognizable form created a shadow spiritually or physically.

Intelligences…  Thinking reasoning entities of light or energy, possibly not capable of taking any form except that which they naturally were…  Shining light, able to think and yet without experience of life as we know it today…  An invitation extended…  form offered and an opportunity to step into this physical realm.  An amazing first entity which realized that thought was light and light was energy and energy was matter and that all could be controlled and harnessed…  An entity of light able to bring energy to a slower frequency and as you see, the physical world exists today.


Stay tuned for more as time permits…  This is a work in progress which requires time.