Narada Record Label

A collection of various artist that flow in the same style


Suzanne Ciani

This artist has inspired my own style of writing the most.

Jean Michel Jarre

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Jean Michel Jarre – Oxygene


One of the first artists to use synthesizers

Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe


Chris Squire owned the rights to the name “YES”  So when he went off to do his own solo work, the remaining YES group continued under a different name temporarily.

Kurt Bestor

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Kurt Bestor – Innovators


When I die and find myself on the other side I am going to hang out with Kurt Bestor and perfect my musical talent.

YES – The Yes Album

The First Album I enjoyed but didn’t find it till after hearing others I enjoyed first. Does This sound confusing? What I am saying is this is the earliest production I was aware of but found it after finding newer productions.

Jon Anderson – In The City Of Angels


I totally Love This album.

Jon Anderson

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