Jedi Wisdom

Just a few conversations that seemed to spark my interest.  It is enjoyable to connect with like minded individuals: Hey MacJedi – it’s good to see you. IWFG1818… I would like to reply to your message and do it in such a way as to awaken you inner intelligence and maybe touch a memory from before this life…  We all have these memories but most have them obscured by this physical form which tends to want to...

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E = mc 2

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This is not just a conversation about science or physics…  No…  It is much much more…  Possibly a glimpse into the secret of life…  How it all may have started and what the end goal is. So here we go..  E = mc 2 It’s talked about in the Science arena and discussed lightly in the common world but it is a beautiful equation that if looked at spiritually, holds pretty much the secret to all existence as we...

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